Daily Blog List

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Shelf of Honor, Stuff

So I’m still getting a handle on wordpress and all it’s idiosyncrasies that are driving me crazy. Working on getting a little box over on the left with my name and twitter. Getting there.

Speaking of getting there, I’ve added all the various writing and/or reading things I make it a habit of checking. Hence that whole title of “Daily Blog List” and all. Not everyone on the list posts everyday, but they’re all interesting writers. I enjoy their work or I have their work in my To-Read Pile and I happen to think they’re awesome enough to read their websites. Two of them are on the coveted Shelf of Honor. I put in a couple of publishers too. I check those a bit less often but they still have content worth the time to click on it. Check them out, you shan’t be disappointed.

Cherie Priest

Jim C. Hines

John Scalzi

Lauren Beukes

Myke Cole

Saladin Ahmed

Sam Sykes

Tobias Buckell

Wil Wheaton

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