Posted: February 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

And by Khaaaaaaaan! I really mean Con. And by Con I really mean Boskone 49. I’m going there tomorrow for day two. I said it twice, it must be true.

I’m really excited to be going. I’ve been to a few cons before, but they were nerdy affairs more than writerly affairs. I’ve been to ConnectiCon twice a few years back when I still existed in Connecticut and it was a practical thing. They were heavy on the anime. A few weeks ago on Friday Nerd Night, we were Frednapped and went to Templecon 12 which was an amazingly convenient mile from my house. They’re heavy on the steampunk.

As part of their steampunkiness, they invited author CJ Henderson. Holy crap he is a cool guy. We randomly found a reading and/or writing talk he was giving. Honestly I don’t think a single one of us had read his stuff before although I recognized the name. But multiple members of our party are up in here with writing so we had it. He read us some really sweet pieces including something brandy new no one else had heard before. He talked a lot about his writing process and to quote Jim, our party’s off-tank, “I don’t know what I’m going to do this semester because I just got more out of sitting here with you than I ever have in class.” He was realistic while still motivating. The next day was my most productive writing day in months. It was great.

That’s what I’m hoping for coming across at Boskone. The program is chock full of writing things. The guests are all people I want to be peers of mine. There are parts of me that want to run around like a dork highfiving everyone I can find and parts that want to throw up at the thought of saying hi. There are panels on character creations of all sorts like aliens or geniuses, DnD retrospectives, how to make your sci fi world consistently unstable, ebook production, steampunk world building and that’s just in the after lunch time frame. I want to be around writing. I want to learn some cool stuff. I want to discover new people and new books to read.

I’m not gonna like though… sword fighting demos.

  1. SLiM says:

    Super nerd boner for Boskone 49 =P

    But before we get to Boston, I gotta touch on Templecon 12: CJ was super motivational! I’ve enjoyed some great writing moments the past couple of weeks. Hoping to knock it out of the park after this weekend.

    But Boskone? This is gonna be EPIC

  2. iarmit says:

    …since when is writing not nerdy?

  3. Mike says:

    Its a different kind of nerdy. Much more specific and a very different crowd than templecon

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