The Last Sentence

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Writing

The Last Sentence… is there anything better?

Most of my writing for the last (insert really long time frame here) has been focused on Novel Attempt No. 3. It goes in fits and spurts. Motivation can be hard to come by some days as I’m sure anyone who writes things knows. Motivation and time management aside, working on long form writing means it can be a long time coming between last sentences but damnit I finally finished something yesterday.

It’s the biggest relief ever known to finish some writing. There’s a very heady feeling to get something out of your noggin and down on paper. Yes down on paper, I hand write my first drafts. I threw my pen across my living room in joy. I hit a sweet spot last night soon after I posted yesterdays thing. All those questions of “How in crap’s name am I going to connect these two dots?” got answered. They were important dots. And I managed to draw a short line between the two which is difficult for me. My handwriting got all chunky and weird because my brain was working faster than my pen. I couldn’t stop. I kept writing sentences in between stirring the chorizo on the stove for dinner. I didn’t want to let up on the momentum. So I kept going and got to the VERY. LAST. SENTENCE.

Holy damn it reminds me why I want to keep doing this in a way that can get easy to forget sometimes.

I’m going to go type it up into draft two and see how much help it needs and then dive into the next thing.

I leave you with this link here by Chunk Wendig which was floating around ye olde twitter today.


  1. SLiM says:

    You made meatloaf, didn’t you?

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