Book Signing

Posted: March 3, 2012 in Reading, Stuff

So yesterday I posted on ye olde twitter this awesome sentence.

I (in RI) am sending my sister (in OR) to high five @tobiasbuckell … it’ll be awesome

I’ve had Tobias Buckell’s Crystal Rain on my bookshelf since it was brandy new cause it’s a wicked good book. It’s always stood out in my mind as one of the more unique examples of world building and I always love a good dose of mystery in my main characters. It’s a theme I’ve latched onto since I first read Nine Princes in Amber. Tobias is also a cool guy as a person what with the blogs and ye old twitters. (Reference the post I made a few days ago about Famous People)

So on his blog I saw a list of book tour dates. The SF writing scene seems must more Ohio-Michigan and West Coast-centric. East coast gets less love. So I got all excited when I saw Powell’s books in Beaverton Oregon. “But you live in Rhode Island?” Ayup, but my sister lives one town away from Beaverton. Granted, Portland Oregon has a land size roughly the size Rhode Island but that’s just the West Coast trying to be cool like us. Last month, when I sent her a birthday present, she said she’d hit up the book signing for me and I sent out my copy ofCrystal Rain.

So Sara in her awesomeness, and probably with Sir Greg the Brave, my brother in law, made the trek for me. And when they got to the front of the line she “Can you make this out to my brother in Rhode Island?” and she said the response was “Oh you’re the sister!”


She also got me a copy of Arctic Rising and officially raised the bar on how to be an epic sibling.

  1. Sara says:

    Epic sister!
    This makes up for the times As a kid i snagged extra pizza rolls at you expense?

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