Writing Words Collected

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Stuff, Writing

Needing a kick in the pants, I’m dropping in on this with something other than book musings.

Anyone who’s ever read “Advise on writing” kind of things, knows that most of it is shite. And I use the ‘E’ there on purpose because you’re supposed to say it all British-like. Some of the more… colorfully honest authors I follow around the internet admit that it’s a pain in the ass. Of course, he then follows up with my favorite quote of all time in the same blog post. It wasn’t exactly a revaluation, but it was phrased in a revolutionary way. So without any more adieu, my three favorites then I’m going to be all motivated-like and some word count asses will be kicked.

I am the commander of these words.

–Chuck Wendig

Like all things good, I found this by Chuck Wendig via twitter. There’s copious amounts of awesome profanity but he’s saying things I don’t notice people saying as much as they should. Maybe they do, but saying things all nicely doesn’t make it noticeable nearly as often. I’ve been thinking of framing that little picture on the top of the page I liked to boot. He’s got more things in the same vein about characters and things he learned from writing his book. (Brandy new now) Also, I swear a lot myself so there’s some kindred cuss words going on there.

Have faith, then shut the fuck up and work.

–Myke Cole

Myke Cole is one of the growing list of authors that won me over as a person first. I saw one of his panels at Boskone 49 and when I got to his book, holy crap I was amply rewarded. I’ve recomended Shadow Ops to real people who have devoured it just as much as I have and loved it. (Fred the actual military guy, has the record of a sub-One Day Read) Check out his story and read his blog some. His quote is fresh today actually. He’s gone through a lot to get to be a full time writer. His story adds weight to the words and you can’t help but listen.

Your first, last, immediate and only response to troubles about writing should be to go back and write some more.

–Sam Sykes

He’s 28. I swear his blog is slightly out of date but seriously, he’s my age. And has a whole trilogy! Seriously, go look at the Campbell Award winners… they’re best new authors. Mid to late 30s is considered young in terms of SF/F writing. The fact that he’s my age and is doing it already says a lot. Sam is the guy who called giving writing advise “Awkward and Ugly” right in the title of his blog post. If you read his books, lots of swears are said, alcohol imbibed and things/people stabbed. If you follow him on twitter, he lives his life the same way but damn, there’s wisdom in those swears.

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