Flash Fiction Day

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Writing
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Chuck Wendig, author of the book I’m about to start, has a nifty thing he does over at his website Terrible Minds. It’s Flash Fiction Friday, which I’ve done a few times. Last one I did, I actually liked so much, I’ve polished it up and started shopping it around.

This week’s Flash Fiction Friday is a three sentence story. I like mine pretty well so you get to share it over here too. Also… Henri seems to be the insta-name I use all over the place. This is his fifth appearance. Make sure to check out the others. There’s some cool stuff happening.

Henri ran through the door at breakneck speed, stopping short with the dull jab of a gun barrel to his chest.

Angela smiled sadly as he felt her gun bruising his ribs already.

“Fuck,” one of them sighed.

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