Posted: August 24, 2012 in Writing

Holy crap two posts in a day! I know, seriously!

Good news on the writing front today. Not, “Good lord you’re awesome, here’s a pile of money now get writing” awesome, but an solid step in the right direction.

I’ve moved up to personalized rejections in my fiction. I’ve already gotten twitter high fives from other writers over this. Nonwriter people who are confused by this, trust me, the rubber stamp rejections are the norm. I imagine this is doubly so from the small crowd of professional rate markets for short SF fiction. Those editors see loads and loads out of their slush pile. It really is a big thing to have one take the time to send along an encouraging word.

My ideas were interesting but “it felt like a snippet from a larger piece of work.”

I’m ok with that. The story in question was originally written as a Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge so came in at a scant 800 words. And I’ve decided I really like the character that came out of it and have been planning on writing more about the elf from Brooklyn.

I can go with this.

I will go with this.

I’m in a very good place creatively today.

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