Mini Readercon Post

Posted: July 13, 2013 in Conventions

This year I planned ahead and got to go play at Readercon. I’m actually going to go play again tomorrow too. I’m going to do a full on post about the whole adventure and whatnot either tomorrow night or Monday. In the mean time, here’s some snippets out of my notebook from the panels I went to today. Context not included. Direct quotes and ideas attributed where applicable, otherwise it’s just the general sentiment from the whole panel.

“I didn’t know any badass characters. I had never been a bad ass character.” -Daryl Gregory

“He breathes oxygen, she breathes hydrogen. How will they make this work?” -Natalie Luhrs

Urban fantasy took off so fast because it’s romance with world building.

Horror, as a hard to define whole, is one of the easier genres to mix into other things.

Until the 1970s and Anne Rice, vampires had absolutely nothing overt to do with sex.

Trent Zelazny is a really cool guy and would be regardless of his last name.

Evie Manieri is super awesome for taking the time to meet me after “Ooh! Twitter said you were here too and I absolutely want to buy your book and get it signed!”

And the current front runner for Best Random Quote of the Con… “We’ve offended every Belgian in the room.” -Scott Lynch

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