Writing Triage

Posted: May 31, 2015 in Stuff

Dear Blog,

Hi. How ya doing? Feeling kinda ignored, eh?

Well I swear you’re not dead. Not a bit. But…….

You’re on life support a bit though. I need to triage my free time. The kiddo is three. Holy crap he’s three! But that means ye olde free time isn’t exactly plentiful. So, sorry Blog, you’re like that guy who shows up to the ER with kidney stones at the same time as the ambulance rolls in. You’re not doing well, but you’re not first in line.

Sucks, doesn’t it?

Nothing to be done about it though. You want attention at the same time as the novel and well, novel comes first. Gonna have to deal with that. It’s too bad, cause I have a bunch of nifty ideas I want to blog about. I finished reading Kelly McCullough’s Fallen Blade series. It’s fantastic and I want to use it as an example of a great way to handle a series. How to make sure each book has its own identity but still have a solid overall arc. How to remind people what happened with the old books without a heavy info dump.

So anyways. I’ve spent too many minutes with you already, Blog, and since the laptop is kind of a jerk in need of replacement, I’m stuck using an “unsupported browser” and wordpress won’t even let me add a link. I don’t even think spellcheck is working right now.

So I’m done with you, Blog. For a little while. At least until I catch up with the novel.

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